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All written in Japanese!! [Books from KazumotoIguchi(c)] 2.Jokes(pdf)(in Japanese) 1.K. Iguchi, "Aim at Samurai-soccer" (pdf, 500 yen, in Japanese) on sale (28 April 2004) These pdf-books are sharebooks that readers put price. [Books from Hikaruland] 13. Nikola Tesla; translated with commentary by Kazumoto Iguchi Blue Prints of Future Technology: [A Perfect Technological Review] of Nikola Tesla All About for Power with Very High Frequency and Voltage and Wireless Power Transmission (24 Sept 2015 on sale) New! 12. with Prof. Dr. Kunio Yasue, UFO, the another world and the world of God investigated by physics: Beyond Einstein, Maxwell, Dirac and Schroedinger (13 May 2015 on sale) New! 11. Super-nature of the Universe that Nikola Tesla wanted to tell us in fact, part2 (11 Dec. 2013 on sale) 10. Super-nature of the Universe that Nikola Tesla wanted to tell us in fact, part1 (14 Nov. 2013 on sale) [Books from Taiyoshobo] 12. Motoyosi Sugita, edited by Kazumoto Iguchi, which was first published in 1942. "New version New Lectures of Thermodynamics-Sugita's Thermodynamics-" (7 July 2017) New!
11.Motoyosi Sugita, edited by Kazumoto Iguchi,
"New Version: Thermodynamics of Transient Phenomena
-Towards the Construction of Thermodynamics of Life-"
(1 Sept, 2016) New!

10.Dynamical Theories of Brownian Motion15 Mar. 2016)

9.Onsager's thermdynamics in the irreversible processes10 Sept. 2014)

8.Maxwell's Electrodynamics(25 Dec 2012 on sale) peer in at inside

7.On Tsuge's "Anti-Brights", II(22 Oct 04)
6.On Tsuge's "Anti-Brights", I(22 Oct 04)
5.The World of Fuller and Kauffman (21 Jan 04) 
4.Krea-Japam World Cup Soccer 2002 (20 May 03) 
3.Salt Lake Olympic 2002  (16 Apr 03)
2.What makes science collapse?  (20 Aug 02)
1.The concept of three-sector independence (24 Dec 01)
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